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Adult Art Workshops

Sessions (60 to 90 minutes)

A: 15 adults: $675
B: 20 adults: $800
C: 30 adults: $1,050

Prices do not include art kits/supplies**


Custom Art Workshop Theme: $50+


Customer Review

“It was so much fun and I really enjoyed not thinking about work for 1.5 hours!  I was amazed you were able to get me supplies on the same day, and I really appreciated having the full experience.”

  - Rakuten employee

print making.jpeg

Print-making Workshop

With simple materials and no drawing or painting experience participants will learn how to make multiple prints using an etched print-making process.  The finished prints can be used for cards, book-covers, or can be framed pieces of art.

Sumi E-Brush.jpeg

Sumi E-Brush Painting

Participants will learn about the history, culture, and art of ink brush painting. Practice several painting techniques and create a scroll in the traditional Sumi style.

No Mistakes.jpeg

Abstract Art: No Mistakes

Yes, you can paint with a piece of string and create beautiful artworks. With this technique using sponges, string, and paint you will create a dynamic piece of art on a canvas board.



Suminagashi or “floating ink” is the ancient art of Japanese paper marbling. Participants, through a process of floating ink on water, will create vibrant sheets of paper that can be used for many art projects or as framed art.

Textile/Fabric Accordion Book

Learn how to use a traditional book-making technique to create an accordion folded book form.  Cover book boards with cloth and bind with accordion folded paper to create a unique book that can be used for writing, drawing, and photos.


Work with Museum Programs Manager to design a customized theme and projects for your group.

For more information and to book your session, contact Museum Programs Manager: Shannon Meadors (

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