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Art Parties

All of our parties are taught by our qualified MOCHA staff. They will help you and your guests navigate through multiple hands-on art experiences. Art parties are for artists of all ages – just choose your theme, date, and time and come and get creative with us here at MOCHA!

Art Party Packages
A: $375 - up to 10 kids
: $475 - up to 15 kids
C: $575 - up to 20 kids

Art Party Schedule

Saturdays & Sundays
A: 10:00am - 12:00pm
B: 1:00pm - 3:00pm
C: 4:00pm - 6:00pm

Art Party Themes (four projects per theme)


Fairytale Adventures

Your child’s imagination will be fantastically ignited with fairytale creatures. They may build a recyclable castle, create an enchanted forest, or sculpt tiny fairy houses. Imagine the adventures they will have with their very own mystical dragon, magical wizard, or friendly elf. They may play a hero as they wave a magic wand, solve a problem, embark on an adventure or gallop away on a unicorn puppet. 


Paint like the Visionaries

Let's get up close and personal with famous artists! We will sketch, paint, and draw to create masterpieces inspired by artists like Yayoi Kusama, Claes Oldenburg, Faith Ringgold, and Frida Kahlo.

Under the Sea

Explore the mysterious depths of the sea by creating interesting fun aquatic creatures and underwater ecosystems. Young artists will get the opportunity to dive into a number of projects created with various materials that will spark the imagination and interest in the wonders of the sea. Even the youngest artist will feel a sense of accomplishment, when they create sea turtles, octopi, sharks, whales in a painted sea, hanging ornament, or in 3-D.

Intergalactic Adventure

Using various materials, create your own intergalactic adventures and build planets, galaxies, spaceships and more! Artists will have fun exploring strange new worlds, create new life forms, and boldly exploring the world beyond

Art of Nature

Explore the wonders of the natural world through art. Your child will learn drawing and painting techniques to create a wildlife pastel resist. Dive into an ocean sculpture, peek into the rainforest canopy or play on a tropical island. Imagine what fun your child will have creating puppets of colorful and fascinating animals inhabiting the wildest of places.  

Fun Around the World

Discover the unique customs and colorful artwork from different cultures worldwide. African masks, Koi kites, and Navaho sand paintings are just a few of the projects your child will enjoy as they explore the globe through the art of many nations. 


Afrofuturistic multimedia projects are a fun way to build art skills, imagine positive unique realities and envision amazing technological advances. They are great conversation starters in reimagining the past, being creative in the present and envisioning together to build a phenomenal future. From the styles found in Wakanda to futuristic portraits and science fiction inspired sculpture. This party will encourage your child to think and create with innovative, artistic, beautiful, empowering, and fun possible futures in mind. 

Garden Party

Symmetrical succulents, fantastical flowers, and towering trees, what are the plants that grow in your garden? Your child will create botanical works of art, including the insects and animals that have symbiotic relationships with the plants they choose to paint, sculpt, or collage.  


Create your own Adventure

Give us a theme and a MOCHA teaching artist will develop 4 custom projects for your party. (3 weeks notice needed for custom events. Additional charges apply)

For more information, contact Museum Programs Manager: Shannon Meadors (

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