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Community Futures School

Based on insights from neuroscience research in learning and memory, MOCHA's Community Futures School (CFS) program uses Afrofuturism, arts integration, and futures literacy as part of a community-building toolkit to imagine and to implement their communities and their world. CFS builds upon Afrofuturism and arts centered practices to investigate, reimagine, and identify solutions that build a more anti-racist, healing-centered, and inclusive Oakland in 2045.


Creative Youth Leadership & Development


Artistic Expression & Creation


Prototype Creation


Storyboarding & Design-Thinking


Youth Agency & Voice


Youth improve skills through critical-thinking, problem-solving, community building, communication, and artistic expression. CFS supports and develops young people's ability to build confidence and self-esteem. Through CFS, youth continually create a personal life experience of accomplishing projects and being able to talk about their process with peers and other future community innovators.

CFS Artifact: Badimo Mask

by Devynn W-W.

Meaning: Connecting with your ancestors

What are the powers of your mask?

Once you put on my mask, you become one with your ancestors. You are able to communicate, know their thoughts, etc. ​

How does it look at trauma/conflict?

My mask looks at conflict by helping Black people to know where they come from. Since our history has been erased by white supremacy, my mask will help connect our ancestors to us making it so that we don’t forget where we come from. My mask will help our ancestors guide us when we are in need and help us to become closer to our higher selves. 

Untitled design (14).png

How will it affect social justice?

It will help black people know where they come from, making it able to reclaim who we are.

How will it affect empathy?

Maybe when non POC realize what our people went through, they will be able to treat us as equals. 

How will this change Oakland in 2045?:

Oakland will be revived from the guidance of our ancestors. I see Oakland very pro-Black if this mask was real.​


“Afrofuturism combines science fiction and fantasy to re-examine how the future is currently imagined and to envision alternative futures based on the Black diasporic experience and People of Color.”

- Dr. Lonny J Avi Brooks and Amo White


Dr. Lonny Brooks, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

California State University East Bay

Nina Woodruff-Walker, M.A.

Chief Executive Officer

Museum of Children's Art


CFS students are from Castlemont and Met West High Schools


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