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Porch Talk Series

Join us at MOCHA’s Porch Talk series, where we reimagine solutions for dismantling oppression, anti-Blackness and whiteness.

More than ever, our everyday situations and lived experiences need to be examined and interrogated. The ways in which we communicate, share, and build common language must be reevaluated. Whiteness must be exposed. Just as porch talks gather neighbors and friends to share life, MOCHA’s monthly Porch Talk series allows for honest conversations that spotlight these transgressions against humanity. Join us as we talk through the texture and aspects of culture as a community.

The Community Porch Talks’ main purpose is to center the voices of Black people. Affinity groups by race create compassionate and honest spaces to identify the ways in which racism is embedded within our culture. Together, we can equip our community with the language and tools for disrupting inhumane practices within society.


Porch Talk 1.png

On June 19, 2020, MOCHA hosted its first Porch Talk. Non-Black people were provided with a preview of what it means to show love to the Black community and to be able to locate the ways their own culture perpetuates anti-Blackness. Over 140 attended this peaceful protest in person and virtually!

The second all-virtual talk on July 10th included: a Mindfulness art lesson on dotted Mandalas, Youth-led discussions about anti-Blackness within American culture, a clip from the PBS documentary on James Baldwin, “I Am Not Your Negro,” and a conversation that centered Black voices.

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