Community Futures School

Artwork by CFS artist, Alysse Brown

Community Futures School students will develop agency in futures literacy by creating a set of future prototypes as art, 3D models and forecasting games to exhibit regularly at MOCHA Porch Talks, publish a community accessible report and create an interactive website to showcase youth and community signals envisioning the future of Oakland 2045.

The program is a learning process for all participants – including teachers. BIPOC communities require tools to imagine and create engaging futures. Futures practices seldom consider BIPOC communities unless tied to corporate-oriented consumerism and future visions of healthcare rarely address race/gender, instead erasing core identities with ancestral community knowledge.

Building a community futures practice remedies this erasure increasing futures literacy, embedding the core human needs for identity and liberation. Implementing an anti-racist, Afrofuturism framework, we integrate race, gender, science, fiction/art to reexamine how the future is currently imagined–to reconstruct futures thinking with BIPOC-centric insights.



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