Teaching Artists

At MOCHA, our Teaching Artists are central to our mission of bringing arts education programs to Bay Area schools and communities. MOCHA’s Teaching Artists have residencies in public and private schools, in libraries, and at our Oakland based studio and gallery.

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Kaya Fortune - Founding Teaching Artist

Kaya has been a teaching artist in the Bay Area for 30 years. He is a visual artist who exhibits his work nationally, a fashion designer with his own menswear line, and the co-founder of an artist collective called Soul Salon 10.



Danielle Zorn

Danielle has been creating as well as teaching art to children for the past 15 years. She enjoys implementing her extensive studio art and art history background in all of her classes and lessons. Danielle strives to help young artists express themselves through various mediums and create original masterpieces that they can be proud of.


Jill McLennan, M.A. 

Jill is an active artist and art teacher in the Oakland community. She has a M.A. in Arts Education with formal training in painting, drawing, and printmaking, and has taught art to diverse populations for 15 years. She designed JMAC to help facilitate her expertise in the art world and to guide students in developing their creative voice. JMAC is unique because of Jill’s creative talent and empathy for young people.

Lena Lee

Lena has been creating art all of her life. In her childhood years, her parents joked that she would grab a brush or a crayon rather than a fork or a spoon. During her teenage time, she picked Fiine Arts Painting as her area of study in specialized art in middle school and high school in South Korea, and later at an arts college in the United States.

Mary Lawrence 

Mary Lawrence is a Fire Artist, Art Educator, Founder of Evolve with Mary, and Co-Founder of Lohikäärme a local interior design company. She brings a wealth of experience and has an undeniable passion for teaching, creating Science-based art, and traveling. Mary attended the Art Institute of California in San Francisco.

Michelle Cuevas

Michelle has been an artist and an art lover ever since she could remember. She learned how fundamental and crucial art has been in her development from childhood to adulthood; and in the many ways in which art can be a method of self discovery for a child, adult and all the ways in between. She is now a psychology major at Berkeley City College and hopes to one day work in the Art Therapy field.

Maya Faith Chan

Maya [they/she] is an interdisciplinary, multimedia artist who works in digital photography, photo-collage, performance, & film based in the SF Bay Area [Chochenyo Ohlone Lands].  Chan graduated cum laude from the University of California Berkeley with a dual degree in Ethnic Studies & Art Practice. In her multi-disciplinary artistic practice, Maya Faith Chan’s performance and photography-based work are meditations upon the spirit/body’s relationship to maternal ancestral systems of harm, trauma, survival, mutual aid, love, and knowledge-keeping.  Exploring Cantonese-Filipinx diasporic hxstories, intergenerational memory, and traditional knowledge systems of healing, Chan’s work brings to light the ways in which the inherited baggage, memories, trauma, and wisdom of our ancestors, transcend time and shape the personal, political, psychological state of our lives. Drawing from syncretic Taoist and non-western cosmologies, Chan’s artwork speaks to the spirit/body’s connection to our ancestors, the more than human world, the cosmos, and this earth.

Layeelah Muhammad

Layeelah is a Photographer and an emerging Digital Illustrator. She is studying Psychology with an emphasis in Child and Adolescent Development. With connecting interests of art, psychology, and human development, Layeelah believes creative expression is essential for a healthy life. She is extremely grateful to work with children at MOCHA during their creative journey and be a positive force in their lives.

LuzMarina Tovar

Lisa Krones-Whalen

Maya Faith Chan

Ariel Goldman

Jennifer Wolpert

Maya Salcido White

Esperanza Bey

Tammy Artis


Laila Espinoza

Jocelyn Jones

London Padgett

Miranda Bergman

Natasha McCray-Zolp

Sabrina Lee