Summer Camp

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MOCHA is constantly updating their policies to reflect the most current COVID-19 guidelines. 2021 Summer camp will be offered as a hybrid camp taught online and in-person. The following is required for campers attending in person: daily temperature check, masks, hand washing, social distancing. 

As part of MOCHA’s practice, the Harvard’s Graduate School of Education Studio Habits of Mind framework is used as a method by our professional teaching artists in the curriculum development,  classroom, as well as reporting and evaluations to guide them throughout all visual arts programming.

Each week of Summer Art Camps, we immerse our campers in thematic artistic mediums where they can work within a structured environment while being free to test the limits of their imagination while they investigate and examine. Each week is designed to put the camper in an environment where play, creativity and expression, innovation, and exploration is validated through the process of making art.

Join us for innovative, hands-on, COVID conscious arts activities for children and youth, ages 5.5-12 (entering grades 1-7 in fall 2021). MOCHA campers work on a variety of engaging projects based on weekly topics.

Days & Times

June 1 – August 21, 2021

Pre-care: 8:00 – 8:30am
Drop-off: 8:30 – 9:00am
Camp: 9:00am – 3:30pm
Pick-up: 3:30 – 3:45pm
After–care: 3:30 – 5:30pm


Camp: $375 per week (unless noted otherwise)
10% sibling discount on second child


Pre-care: $5 per day
After-care: $20 per day 

Safety & Hygiene policy 

Theme Descriptions

Week 1: June 1-4                                                            
All About Paper                                                        
Teaching Artist: Lena Lee

A single piece of paper has countless possibilities. In this week-long camp, we will explore the history of paper while learning numerous ancient paper-making techniques. Campers will learn how to: naturally dye paper, collage, bookmaking, paper jewelry, ink painting on “Han-Ji” and more!       


Week 2: June 7-11                                                           
Teaching Artist: Kaya Fortune

Kaya Fortune will challenge campers to reach into the past to reimagine the future. During this week-long journey, we will examine the origins story of our ancestral family. Creating futures forecasting games, conceptualizing fashion and art using collage, painting techniques, and found/recycled materials.    


Week 3: June 14-18                                                           
She Created... Showcasing Female Architects                                                  
Teaching Artist: Tammy Artis

Campers will learn the basics of architecture, focusing on female architects. Spotlighting vocabulary, journaling, and literacy components daily. After our deep dive into the history and basic terms, campers will be challenged to plan, design, and create their very own building out of an array of unique materials. 


Week 4: June 21-25                                                           
In Motion - Art & Movement                                                  
Teaching Artist: Mary Lawrence

Let go and create. This camp will explore the science of alternative methods of creating art using unique “brushes” like feet, elbows, hair, forearms, and fingers. Encouraging campers to use their entire body to create art. We will also be studying: kinetic art, mobiles, and drawing machines.


Week 5: June 28- July 2                                                           
Afrofuturism & Poetry                                                  
Teaching Artist: Nia Shakur & London Padgett

Let art inspire your words. Campers will be challenged to reach into the past to reimagine the future. During this week-long journey, they will be journaling daily (writing and drawing), create identity portraits, and sculptures. Focusing on world events and using words and art alike as self-expression. Let art inspire your words and let your words inspire your art.

Week 6: July 5- July 9                                                           
Elements of Art                                                  
Teaching Artist: Laura Garcia

Campers explore line, shape, texture, form, space, color, and value with unique art projects while incorporating literacy components like daily journaling and vocabulary. Young artists will explore the elements of art and engage in a variety of art-making techniques. Students will create 2D and 3D works of art using clay, paint, collage, and participate in many more hands-on activities! This camp is designed for students to expand their artistic skills and express their creativity!       

Week 7: July 12- July 16                                                           
Sewing & Textiles                                                 
Teaching Artist: Emily Ramirez

Delving into the origin of textiles, while learning current and ancient techniques like weaving and french knitting. Campers will also create their own patterns and textile designs inspired by contemporary and historical inspiration   

Week 8: July 19- July 23                                                          
Mixed Media                                                 
Teaching Artist: Ryan Martinez

Campers are in for a treat with a mixed media camp! They will be painting, collaging, drawing, and assembling unique pieces of art. Campers will learn how to combine materials and techniques to individually express themselves through art.

Week 9: July 26- July 30                                                          
The Science of Color                                                
Teaching Artist: Roxanne Padgett & London Padgett

Everyone knows what their favorite color is, but do you know where colors come from and how colors are created? Campers will get to be part artists, part scientists, investigating color theory through light and pigment. Everyone will create a color journal where they will document their finds while exploring prism, colored light, color mixing, and more. Campers will walk away with some very colorful artwork and an understanding of how the colors you choose in your artwork affect you emotionally.

Week 10: August 2- August 6                                                          
Teaching Artist: Kaya Fortune

Welcome to Fashion Camp!!! Campers will be challenged to express themselves through fashion using a variety of materials and techniques. Get ready for daily journaling, creative collective brainstorming, and deconstruction of how we currently view fashion and what purpose it serves in our lives. Campers will design a shirt & hat then model their creations in a fashion show at the end of the week.

Week 11: August 9- August 13                                                          
Kids Can Code!                                               
Teaching Artist: Mary Lawrence

Each camper will receive their own laptops to use at MOCHA where they will learn Python, a simple programming language, focusing on a very basic understanding of software engineering. Literacy and art will be integrated daily. This isn’t just a coding camp, we will be creating coding-inspired art, daily journal writing, and learn basic coding vocabulary. 


Week 12: August 16- August 20

Theme: The Wonderful World of Plants         

Teaching Artist: Tammy Artis

To plant a seed is to believe in tomorrow. During this camp, students will discover the science and art of plants. From germinating seeds to observing and creatively capturing plant life-cycle and much more. Students will print with beet juice, design succulent terrariums as well as utilize plants in their artwork as alternative materials.


Summer Camp Schedule: A typical day @ MOCHA Camp

Cancellation Policy: Art Camp fees must be paid in full at time of registration. In the event of cancellation, $100/child/week (for summer) and $25/child/day (for all other camps) will be retained as a non-refundable deposit. Only credits will be allowed for the remaining balances. No credits will be issued after May 1st for summer camps or 10 days prior for all other camps. Camp sessions are not transferable to other customers. MOCHA reserves the right to convert a camp into a virtual interactive in the event an act of God occurs and only credits will be issued for another event/camp/activity. Cash refunds are not allowed.