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Adult Art Workshops

MOCHA offers enriching themes for adult art workshop participants, such as Suminagashi or printmaking. MOCHA also offers participants to choose a custom theme. Each workshop will be led by a professional teaching artist. 

Art Parties

Similarly to the Adult Art Workshops, a theme may be chosen or a custom one may be created. MOCHA offers three Art Party packages that start at $375. Please thoroughly read our policy. 

Facility Rentals 

Schedule your next workshop, retreat or special event in our new central location at City Center Oakland.  Our building features multiple different spaces, located right by the 12th Street Bart station.

Field Trips 

MOCHA Field Trips are a great way to spend the school year. We offer an array of art lessons and can customize curriculum based on what you are learning in your classroom. 

Group Workshops 

Group Workshops encourage exploration while teaching in illustration, paint theory, book-making, journaling, Faith Ringgold Quilt Collage, Portraiture, and more!

Open Studio 

Open Studio is a space where artists of all ages create, share and connect through art. At tMOCHA we believe that art and art-making is for everyone and we have designed our Open Studio to operate under this philosophy.

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