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MOCHA in the Congo

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Dear MOCHA Community,


The Museum of Children’s Art is proud to be partnering with The Lobiko Initiative and The Sanguma Foundation in their transformational work in service to the children of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, through their sponsorship of the Sabuli Children’s Center. We believe deeply that the wellbeing of children is a global initiative that we are all responsible for.


We are excited to announce that our MOCHA Community Arts Director will be traveling to Gemena, the capital city of the Sud-Ubangi region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo this summer, to offer free art workshops and art kits to the children of The Sabuli’s Children Center, an institution which exists to serve some of the most vulnerable children in this community. Many of the children and young people of The Sabuli Children’s Center have been deeply affected by poverty, and in some cases, orphaned by decades of civil war and conflict. The Lobiko Initiative provides abandoned or orphaned children who have experienced the loss of their homes and loved ones with wrap-around support for their basic needs, as well for their holistic development through education or programs that promote intellectual, psychological, emotional, physical, and spiritual health.


Studies demonstrate that participating in arts activities can have a positive effect on children’s self-confidence, self-esteem, relationship building and a sense of belonging, qualities which have been associated with resilience and mental wellbeing. The young people of The Sabuli Children’s Center have experienced much hardship in their lives, and are deserving of enriching and child centered experiences that contribute to their happiness and support their development through arts education and hands-on arts programming, in addition to their basic needs.  


This is where the Museum of Children’s Art comes in. We will be traveling to the Democratic Republic of the Congo in July to provide arts programming, and need your help to reach as many children as possible. The funds raised through this project will be used to purchase art supplies and art kits for the children and families of The Sabuli Children’s Center in and around Gemena, Democratic Republic of the Congo. Proceeds will provide children with art classes and funding for supplies & art programming. 


You will be a part of a community of committed individuals passionate about serving and ensuring that there is a consistent stream of resources to support the collective work of organizations committed to children in the Congo.

In gratitude,

Nina Woodruff-Walker, Executive Director, Museum of Children's Art

Wilita Sanguma, Executive Director, Lobiko Initiative

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