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Many Moons
by Breana Janae Parks

Many Moons is Bréana Janae Parks’ internal discovery of the matriarchs in her family. The photographer and mixed media artist crafted a quilt to unpack the inherited female trauma passed down to them through their mothers and grandmothers. This was done by collecting the garments of the matriarchs, from wedding dresses, church dresses, nightgowns, and prom dresses. All of these fabrics are woven into the shape resembling a womb. 

Often Parks explores social issues and identity in their artwork. This is the first venture into exploring their mother’s history. Parks is the first generation on her mother’s side to be born in the US, as her mother immigrated to the states with her family in 1975 from the Philippines. Although Parks have never been to their mother homeland they are deeply connected to the culture which is seen in this work most evidently. 

Throughout Parks’s project, she has also written and collected writings about her mother and maternal figures. 

Parks hopes this work can be used to remember generations present and past. The hope is that we try to connect and explore our family's histories to better understand our generational trauma."

Many Moons

by Breana Janae Parks

Many Moons is a culmination of Parks' year-long project about inherited female trauma shown through a collection of the matriarch's photographs and dresses woven into a quilt. This project is sponsored by East Bay Community Foundation.

Opening Reception: Saturday, September 24, 2022

Time: 1:00pm-4:00pm

Opening reception September 24, 2022 100PM-400pm 1221 Broadway LL-49 Oakland, Ca 94607.png
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