Annual Fund

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Dear MOCHA Family and Friends,

We believe and understand that every child deserves access to arts and education, hence, our commitment to include equity into our core values.  We know all children are capable learners and visual arts provide a solid foundation for their social, emotional, educational and creative growth.  We overcame many hurdles and took many risks to make it to our 32nd year as an arts integrative learning institution. We realized the value of building a more interactive space and now Oakland’s City Center will be our home for at least the next 10 years. Today, we are reimagining our organization as a cultural institution designed for all artists of different modalities and disciplines – welcoming performance and creative expression at a space that is safe and respectful to all.

MOCHA Is Rooted

We deeply engage the East Bay community because our goals to innovate, educate and impart change strongly resonate throughout our organization and those we serve.  We fill in the gaps when schools are pressed to focus on so many aspects of developing the total child. We offer strong pedagogies aligned with California State Standards, delivering a customized curriculum designed for each school and their students. Moreover, all of our work is in the service of ensuring access to the arts for everyone, especially those who are historically underserved.

MOCHA Grows Creativity

In the spirit of Faith Ringgold, we offer visual arts because it is a field that welcomes all. Young artists can participate in this scene without “sacrificing” who they are as human beings.  Ringgold felt comfort in knowing that her creativity mattered. We teach our young artists by offering them the tools and the knowledge that art is a process – assisting them to cultivate their own originality and voice.

MOCHA Inspires

In our museum space, we explore ideas about the future and the type of world we want to leave our children.  As the first MOCHA intern, I understand the value and importance of allowing children to inspire us as they imprint our world with their magic. This experience provides with me the wherewithal to know that it is critical to partner with our youth in the development as they become active members of society.

Please help support our work and programs by making a tax-deductible financial contribution to MOCHA and an investment in our children’s future.


Thank you for your commitment,

Nina Woodruff-Walker

Executive Director


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