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Annual Fund

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Dear MOCHA Family, Friends, and Supporters


We would like to take a moment to thank you for all your kindness and support. Thank you for participating in our vision for the arts to become a fundamental part of the everyday lives of Bay Area children and youth, their families and the community through our programming. We use practices that create a culture of racial equity and social justice. Your donations helped us distribute almost 10,000 art kits, provide drop-in art programming supportive of early learning skills at the Akoma Market, create a space for youth-led community talks about liberation, and offer equitable learning pods to children in Oakland.

We have committed to being in service to almost one million children in Oakland and the Bay Area for over 30 years. The reason we can be here is because you continue to join us in supporting MOCHA. 

MOCHA has been working at the community level to address racial and social justice issues that concern our youth. One of the ways we do this at MOCHA is through our internship programs, youth improve skills in critical-thinking, problem-solving, community building, communication and they find their voice. This program supports our community’s mental health, provides spaces for restorative healing and builds positive-oriented resilience. All of our work is designed to support children, youth, and families.

MOCHA responds to the needs of our community, and we ask that you join us. 

It’s donations from people like you that support everything our children experience though MOCHA programs. So if you value equity in arts and social justice and you’re in a position to contribute financially, make a donation to MOCHA today.

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